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Enamel inner tank

enamel inner tank with copper coil heat exchanger


Structure: copper coil heat exchanger

Capacity: 65L,80L,100L,120L

Dimension: Φ414mm

Material: special enameling steel plate,BTC210R

Installation: vertical/horizontal

Features: large heat transfer area

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Coil heat transfer process:
   Copper has high heat transfer efficiency and strong corrosion resistance.
   Our company has mastered the core technology of stainless steel flange and copper welding.
   The heat exchange water tank can be used in centralized heat collection and household heat storage system and balcony wall hanging forced circulation system.
Inner water tank with copper coil exchanger
Capacity of inner tank(L) Material of inner tank Material of heat exchanger Dimension(mm) Weight of inner tank
65 Enamel steel of
Copper Pipe,Φ16,
Φ414*590 13
80 Φ414*710 17
100 Φ414*860 20
120 Φ14*1030 23
150 Φ14*1230 27.5

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