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Solar cooker

solar cooker oven


Structure: solar vacuum tube

Capacity: 5L

Dimension: solar vacuum tube size:125*566mm

Material: 304 stainless steel food tank

Installation: freestanding

Features: sun cooking

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  Longpu solar barbeque stove is made of 125mm and 137mm large diameter high borosilicate double-layer glass solar vacuum tubes.There is a vacuum between the inner and outer glass tubes.   Spectral selective absorption coatings are coated on the surface of inner glass tubes by special technology to maximize the absorption of solar radiation energy. After sunlight and photons hitting the coating, the solar energy is converted into heat energy, and the food is heated in the way of airless sun.You can boil water for tea,cook soups and stews,grill and fry.You can cook any foods, kebab, bread, sweet potato, apple, peanut, steaming rice, porridge, soup, and etc.
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